A Simple “Great Job” Note

I just got an e-mail from my senior manager with a simple “Great Job” note.

The simple things that make a huge difference to our motivation.

Just check the chain of events (freely translated):

My mail to my colleague and  my manager:

“Hi Olenka and Eliz, I’m almost ready with the Backfeed requirement. I’ve added a few negative scenarios to the list Olenka sent me and created all test cases.

I’ve used the table driven concept to create the larger test case, which covered most part of the requirement. To generate all XML messages required by the test cases I’ve created a Java application that can create any Backfeed message based on a input file. This file can be exported from Excel and a message template can be created using tags. I’ve executed a few tests and appartently everything is working fine. I can show it to you on Monday.

I also uploaded everthing to Test Director, both test cases and requirements. I finished the traceability matrix and created all test sets. I just have to instantiate a few test cases and it’s all done. I can that we’re at 98%.

See you on Monday!”

My manager’s mail to her manager:

“Excellent initiative from Martin. He created an automated application and with this, the required design effort went from 50 hours to 8 hours. This freed Olenka from having to work during the  holidays and now she can go to the automation training that she would have to miss.”

From her manager to the senior manager and me:

“Excellent initiative Martin! To innovate is the key to overcome our challenges! Congratulations!”

From the senior manager to me:

“Great job Martin. Keep innovating!”

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