It all started a long time ago, while I was leading Performance Engineering team for a company that shall remain unnamed for now. Back then, there was a “strong support” to write internal blog posts in order to promote the team and “gain visibility”. After writing a few interesting posts, I thought to myself, ” It’s kind of a waste to only share this information internally”, why not publish it outside too. That’s when the blog was born!

Back then, it was mostly about sharing LoadRunner tips and interesting things I’ve found online. It received a pretty good traction, specially on LoadRunner posts, so I kept writing and sharing.

Many things happened during the years, among them, a few company changes, moving to a different country and later to a different state, all causing some sort of “blog post blackout”. Even with the blackouts, the blog still retained quite a good traffic and lot’s of questions. I tried to reply to most of them but still have quite a few in the queue.

The focus changed a little bit. Since I don’t work directly with LoadRunner anymore, I’ll probably won’t be writing so much about it anymore. I still have a few post drafts and unanswered questions, so it will not vanish from the blog soon.

Since I’m working mostly with Open Source tools like JMeter and self-developed ones, the focus will probably be towards them, rather than LoadRunner. I’m also working more on tool development and performance tuning, so I hope to be writing more about it soon.


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