So a while ago, I had to come up with the famous 160 character “about me”. This is what I got:

Engineer. Investor. Occasional DJ. Addicted to Travel and Electronic Music.

It’s short, but pretty self-descriptive. I’m an engineer, more specifically, a performance engineer @ Netflix. I try to fill my days improving in the craft of software development, developing new tools, testing and tuning systems, mostly for large-scale, high-traffic  websites.

I have a keen interest in entrepreneurship, business building and investing. The financial markets, stocks and derivatives in particular, fascinate me. Starting to dabble in real state and currently managing my own and some FFF portfolios.

Since I was young, I always loved to travel. Getting to know new places, new cultures and new people, and that hasn’t changed. I’ll jump into a plane or back of a truck at the smallest opportunity. Also love electronic music and love to DJ during the weekends. What’s not to like? I get to play my music in really loud speakers.

As is customary around the Bay Area, I tend to keep my pet projects on GitHub.

From time to time I’m also known to do some consulting. Looking for my resume? LinkedIn profile?

Contact me? Just shoot an email to

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