Think I mentioned this on Twitter a while ago, but last month I went to Las Vegas for the 2012 HP Discover Conference. Besides checking a few great presentations, I had the opportunity to present with my friend and former colleague Rex Black about the Expedia business case using HP Performance Center.

It was a great experience. Besides having the opportunity to show the community what we are doing here at Expedia, I had the change to meet some great people. I was amazed how well the presentation was received and how interested the audience was on a few practices we implemented here, specially enabling non-performance engineers to prepare and execute simple tests. Apparently there are a few quite unique things we are trying to accomplish here.

Hopefully the migration to ALM and the integration with Jenkins for a fully automated set of performance tests against release builds would be good subjects for next year.

Here is the presentation deck:

[slideshare id=13585821&doc=bb2495spier-120709114314-phpapp01]

And a link to SlideShare:

If you were there, let me know what you think!