Domain name epiphany

Not too long ago I decided to change my blog domain name to something more neutral, fun and web performance related. All cool ideas I had were taken so settled for “”, a semi-obscure error message from Google’s almost-defunct Orkut. To be completely honest, I was never too satisfied with the new name, but managed to live with it. Today, while reading another cryptic error message, this new idea came up, “”. I just love it! Now I’m just waiting for the registration to complete so I can start moving domains again!

Running on PageSpeed again

Just finished setting it up on Nginx.

amber:~ mojo$ curl -I '' | grep X-Page-Speed
% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 0

Since I moved from Apache to Nginx, PageSpeed was disabled, or better, not even installed.

Should be writing something about PageSpeed and the install process soon!

Old questions

During the past couple years, questions have been queueing up on my comment inbox and not getting answered for different reasons. I believe the authors already found found the answers they were looking for or just don’t care about them anymore after a few months.

Having a lot of comments in my inbox is not really productive, so I’m archiving all questions older than 1 month. Later I plan to go through them again and use a few interesting questions as topics for new blog posts.

To avoid situations like that in the future, I’m establishing a new personal SLA. All questions and comments submitted to the blog should be answered within 3 days. So if you don’t hear back from me in 3 days, shout out!

If you submitted a question a while ago and did not get an answer, I apologize. If you’re still looking for some input, please submit it again. If you found your answer somewhere else and would like to share it, let me know. I’m always open to guest posts!

Updates on the Blog

Some of you may not have noticed, but during the last couple days I’ve made a few improvements to the Blog, adding a few links, changing categories, new sections.

  • Added two buttons to the sidebar to make it easier to follow me on Twitter and RSS.
  • Changed the RSS feeds to FeedBurner, this way I can analyze the subscribers data with a little bit more detail.
  • Changed the Bookmark buttons on each post, making it easier to share each item.
  • Split the categories in different subjects. This way its easier for readers to browse through the subjects that matter for them.
  • Created different feeds for each category, so the readers can subscribe only to the content they care about.
  • Created a new section (Page) for questions and answers. I’ve noticed a while ago that several users land on the blog while searching for a specific problem (specially with LoadRunner). Some of them ask questions commenting on a post, but my guess is that most of them just go back to Google. Now these users have a space to ask questions and make their suggestions.

I’m still working on a few new improvements. Expect more soon!

WordPress supports RSS Cloud now!

If you still don’t know, WordPress adopted RSS Cloud ( for all its blogs today!

RSS, short for Really Simple Syndication, helps you stream all of your news and blog sources into an easy-to-manage RSS reader such as Google Reader. Millions of people use RSS to keep up with Mashable, The New York Times, and even LOLcats.
However, it does have its limitations. The big one is speed. It can take minutes to hours for a blog post to reach the reader through RSS. This has been a big reason why more and more people are turning to real-time services like Twitter and FriendFeed for their news. In the real-time web, delayed news and information just isn’t good enough.
Now WordPress has done something big that eliminates that RSS delay problem and brings’s 7.5 million blogs into real-time, along with any other self-hosted WordPress blog. It has implemented RSSCloud, an RSS element that makes instant syndication of blog posts possible. However, it does have a few obstacles to overcome before your RSS is just like Twitter.

Obviously I already updated the blog to support it too. Now everyone with a compatible RSS Reader can have instant syndication!