HP Discover 2012

Think I mentioned this on Twitter a while ago, but last month I went to Las Vegas for the 2012 HP Discover Conference. Besides checking a few great presentations, I had the opportunity to present with my friend and former colleague Rex Black about the Expedia business case using HP Performance Center.

It was a great experience. Besides having the opportunity to show the community what we are doing here at Expedia, I had the change to meet some great people. I was amazed how well the presentation was received and how interested the audience was on a few practices we implemented here, specially enabling non-performance engineers to prepare and execute simple tests. Apparently there are a few quite unique things we are trying to accomplish here.

Hopefully the migration to ALM and the integration with Jenkins for a fully automated set of performance tests against release builds would be good subjects for next year.

Here is the presentation deck:

And a link to SlideShare:

If you were there, let me know what you think!


Lacking Diligence Lately

It’s nothing new that I’ve been neglecting the blog a little bit lately, and I apologize for that. I’ve been focusing on different projects lately and the blog started to lose prominence.
During the past few months I’ve been brainstorming for post ideas and there is a huge backlog of stuff to write about, so I hope to start writing more often from now on and answering your questions more diligently.



Dear readers,
A couple days ago I managed to make available my first Chrome extension. GMark This is a Google Bookmarks extension for Google Chrome. It aims to provide a lightweight and elegant interface between Bookmarks and Chrome by providing simple ways of bookmarking new pages and searching bookmarks. Searches are also integrated with Chrome’s Omnibox.

GMark This was motivated by the lack of a simple extension to manage Google Bookmarks on Chrome. For users with a significant amount of labels and bookmarks, using traditional options like YAGBE is not feasible. Loading all your labels on a pop-up and browsing through them is simply not efficient. That’s why GMark This aims to provide the simplest integration between Bookmarks and Chrome, without overheads.

Currently GMark This aims to provide a simple integration between Bookmarks and Chrome, thus, its features also aim to be as simple as possible.

  • New bookmark creating through a browser action button.
  • Bookmark search through Chrome’s Omnibox.

You can check it out at http://code.google.com/p/gmark-this/

Chrome or Firefox?

I’ve been a Chrome user for quite a while and before that, Firefox for a long time. I decided to make the move almost 2 years ago, right after extensions were introduced. The main reasons to do so were the start time (cold and warm), which by that time were blazing fast on Chrome compared to the slow Firefox and the cool new Chrome start page. So far I’ve been happy with Chrome besides a few problems with it’s extension capabilities, but the recent launch of Firefox 7 made me question my decision. The new Firefox is as fast, if not faster than Chrome on start time and apparently consumes significantly less resources. That, combined with more powerful extensions is a recipe for a great browser.

Now the requirements. What is really important to me is, besides the speed and footprint, are a few particular extensions. Good support to Google Bookmarks, Evernote, Read it Later, a Session Manager, AdBlock, a bulk media downloader and a Twitter client.

So far I came to the following analysis:

Google BookmarksPartially. YAGBE works but it’s not great.Yes, thru GMarks
EvernoteYes, thru official extensionYes, thru official extension
Read it LaterYesYes
Session ManagerYesYes
Media DownloaderNo. Apparently this is a Chrome API limitationYes, thru DownThem All or Download Helper
Twitter ClientYes, TweetDeck appNo. Could not find a web app at the same level as
Nice Start PageYes.Yes, thru myfav.es.

So what is your opinion? Have any extension suggestions? Firefox or Chrome?

Server Migration

You guys probably noticed some downtime on the last few days. I just got a new server and was moving the whole domain and all services to the this new box.

After some quick tuning on the web server, I’m able to get a homepage load time close to 1 sec (1.030s First View) and reload under half a second (0.473 Repeat View).

So far, so good! All looks good now, but let me know if find anything weird happening!