Recording Citrix scripts on LoadRunner


Scott from LoadTester also shared a new guide:

LoadRunner and Citrix – Advanced Techniques

A few weeks ago I’ve came to find an interesting article about the Citrix protocol on LoadRunner, with a few best practices that may make your life easier if you really have to record Citrix scripts on LR.

Since I got a lot of replies on my previous Citrix post (How to evaluate the response time of a Citrix application), I though that it would be a great addition to share this article with you.

Performance Testing Citrix Applications With LoadRunner [UPDATED LINK]

I’ve been also working with another tool to test Citrix application. It is developed by Citrix itself and it’s called EdgeSight for Load Testing. So far it seems to work very well and it’s easier to record the scripts in it (synchronization commands are added automatically). If you have the time and money to test this tool I would say that it’s worth a shot.

If you’re facing the same issues as me, let me know of your thoughts!

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8 thoughts on “Recording Citrix scripts on LoadRunner

  1. hi,
    I got pretty usefull info in this blog. but when i tried to open the below links am getting 403 forbidden error, so please share me the updated link.

    Thanks in advance..

  2. Martin,

    Thanks for featuring our white paper. Tim worked extremely hard on it. We may update this whitepaper without notice. The latest version is on our web site. Would you point people to get it from us so they always get the latest version? It’s free and no registration is required.


    • Hi Scott,
      thanks for letting me know. I’ve found the paper on another website and I wasn’t sure where I could point to.

      Is there a specific post or file that I could link on my post?


      ps.: great article by the way

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