Stop_time is 0 LoadRunner Analysis Error

It was not the first time I got this error message when trying to analyze results on LoadRunner Analysis. This is pretty strange since from the controller the test seemed to run fine. Usually I would just discard the test results and re-run it, just to avoid troubleshooting another problem caused by a LoadRunner bug that probably messed the results, but this time I decided to take some time to just check what was happened to the results.

When I tried to analyze raw results on Analysis, the import process fails and the error log has the following message:

Analysis Error log: <1/6/2012 1:23:52 PM>
Error 75012: in file 25983.lrr the Stop_time is 0

This seems really strange, but first thing I tried was to open the .lrr file with a text editor. Searched for the Stop_time parameter and apparently it was missing. Start_time was there and apparently with the correct test start time. Let’s try to include Stop_time to the file and see what happens.

Both Start_time and Stop_time are Epoch, or UNIX time, which is pretty much seconds since 01-01-1970. Just to be sure, check your Start_time with a converter like . If the time is correct, do the math to check how many seconds your test ran. For example, 1 hour equals to 3600 seconds, 2 hours 7200 and so on.
Take this number and sum it with Start_time. Add a new parameter called Stop_time and use the result of your sum. Eg.:

Start_time=1325809089 // Fri, 06 Jan 2012 00:18:09 GMT
Stop_time=1325816289 // Fri, 06 Jan 2012 02:18:09 GMT

Saved the file and tried to open the results again and it worked!!!

Hope this helps saving some time and avoiding headaches!


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4 thoughts on “Stop_time is 0 LoadRunner Analysis Error

  1. Hi.. Thanks Martin but my results are stored in ALM. How to open results in text editor in this case. Thanks

    • Worked for a really short time with ALM, but I would assume it’s possible to download raw results. It’s just repository, so if it’s lacking this functionality, it’s a great feature request. One workaround would be to access the ALM storage (local or not) and get the files. Cheers.

  2. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great Explanation! Help me FULL!

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