Another Award at Dell

Another award goes to the list!!!

Here is some feedback I received with this award:

“There is one word to define Martin: Agility. He never accepts that there is only one way to do something. He will look for a way to agile the process. In my case I had one work to do and it would cost a long time to execute. Martin found the way to do this in a shorter time and it’s impossible to me don’t recognize how import was what he did.”

“Martin has presented a good knowledge about process and started some initiatives to improve it. Also he presents an extremely learning agility developing new functions in a very fast and effective way.”

Again, I’m just quoting literally the feedback describing the reasons for the award.

Thanks everyone!

First Award at Dell

Just after a few months of being hired I got my first award.

Here is the feedback that came with the award:

“I want to Recognize Martin for his excellent performance during the Block 1. His motivation to cover all defect possibilities, thinking in integration tests, resulted in few defects in production – only 2. Also, Martin was responsible to train five other testers, giving strong support, specially to India team. Martin demonstrated leadership, teamwork, high productivity and high technical skills. Besides that he created a easier form to import data to Quality Centre, and now is looking for a better way. He likes to work in challenging projects.”

I’m just quoting literally the feedback describing the reasons for the award.

This is a Dell internal award presented to employees quarterly for their outstanding work on one or more of the following categories: Teamwork, Leadership, Customer Experience and Community Involvement.

Since we don’t get time for a speech during the ceremony, I’d like to thank everyone involved on the project (that I cannot mention here) for their help on getting everything done, and more, done with quality.