Dear readers,
A couple days ago I managed to make available my first Chrome extension. GMark This is a Google Bookmarks extension for Google Chrome. It aims to provide a lightweight and elegant interface between Bookmarks and Chrome by providing simple ways of bookmarking new pages and searching bookmarks. Searches are also integrated with Chrome’s Omnibox.

GMark This was motivated by the lack of a simple extension to manage Google Bookmarks on Chrome. For users with a significant amount of labels and bookmarks, using traditional options like YAGBE is not feasible. Loading all your labels on a pop-up and browsing through them is simply not efficient. That’s why GMark This aims to provide the simplest integration between Bookmarks and Chrome, without overheads.

Currently GMark This aims to provide a simple integration between Bookmarks and Chrome, thus, its features also aim to be as simple as possible.

  • New bookmark creating through a browser action button.
  • Bookmark search through Chrome’s Omnibox.

You can check it out at

Updates on the Blog

Some of you may not have noticed, but during the last couple days I’ve made a few improvements to the Blog, adding a few links, changing categories, new sections.

  • Added two buttons to the sidebar to make it easier to follow me on Twitter and RSS.
  • Changed the RSS feeds to FeedBurner, this way I can analyze the subscribers data with a little bit more detail.
  • Changed the Bookmark buttons on each post, making it easier to share each item.
  • Split the categories in different subjects. This way its easier for readers to browse through the subjects that matter for them.
  • Created different feeds for each category, so the readers can subscribe only to the content they care about.
  • Created a new section (Page) for questions and answers. I’ve noticed a while ago that several users land on the blog while searching for a specific problem (specially with LoadRunner). Some of them ask questions commenting on a post, but my guess is that most of them just go back to Google. Now these users have a space to ask questions and make their suggestions.

I’m still working on a few new improvements. Expect more soon!