Updates on the Blog

Some of you may not have noticed, but during the last couple days I’ve made a few improvements to the Blog, adding a few links, changing categories, new sections.

  • Added two buttons to the sidebar to make it easier to follow me on Twitter and RSS.
  • Changed the RSS feeds to FeedBurner, this way I can analyze the subscribers data with a little bit more detail.
  • Changed the Bookmark buttons on each post, making it easier to share each item.
  • Split the categories in different subjects. This way its easier for readers to browse through the subjects that matter for them.
  • Created different feeds for each category, so the readers can subscribe only to the content they care about.
  • Created a new section (Page) for questions and answers. I’ve noticed a while ago that several users land on the blog while searching for a specific problem (specially with LoadRunner). Some of them ask questions commenting on a post, but my guess is that most of them just go back to Google. Now these users have a space to ask questions and make their suggestions.

I’m still working on a few new improvements. Expect more soon!